Our projects

FLOW uses digital tools and online platforms to empower women; our primary objective is to provide empowerment through a number of different ways, such as giving education about ecofeminism, provides a variety of articles and books, and offering guidance. Very soon, FLOW will also be providing videos on the YouTube channel about feminism, ecofeminism, and social justice.

Online and presential art classes are an effective way to create expressions that help those who cannot convey themselves in words.

Classes will be provided online twice a week by an art teacher, through a zoom meeting platform, enabling women to join the classes from around the world. In addition, we will have presentations for the women who reside in Guåhan.

FLOW wants to assist women from around the World, the online projects are important to reach women from everywhere.

We want to expand women's empowerment by offering many different types of art, so we will soon introduce music therapy. FLOW online platform will provide access to articles written by mental health professionals to help empower and heal women.

Additionally, FLOW will also provide group therapy sessions. We will keep you posted on updates.

FLOW wishes to keep the idea of bringing together people who have the same motives and intentions, thus we aim to work on holistic activism online so that everyone living in Guåhan can be part of us.

FLOW wants to recognize legal precautions that can help empower women in situations of abuse. Very soon we will be posting the updates.

FLOW offers the survivors an opportunity to have a voice and be able to work with us. We recognize that survivors are experts, not just service users.

Here you have a voice and power; through your voice, you can help empower another sister.