Our movement aims to create a space responsible for uniting those people who have common goals.


Holistic activist is an agent of peace and goodness.
It is a commitment of this activist to act as a source of regenerating people and the planet. He can bring healing and respect to all by functioning as an agent of goodness, and which is bestowed by the creative source.


Peaceful Protests

Our first work as the holistic activism was in Guam dated on January 6 2021. 
Mantras Marianas came from Kaity Ngeremokt's idea.
Peaceful protest. 
People of the Marianas, on the Island of Guåhan, had been protesting against the destruction of their last pristine limestone forest of Tai'lå'lo in Ritidian/Litekyan. The scientists report that a huge loss of endangered plant species, as well as the habitats for numerous endangered animal species will severely impact the ecosystem. Furthermore, the local families owned land in Ritidian/Litekyan which was forcefully taken away from them by the military. They are still fighting for it to be rightfully returned. Another issue is that there are many ancient burial and village sites and corresponding artifacts in that region, which should not be removed. However, the most significant matter which concerns everyone on Island is: the drilling of the northern aquifer which may result in the contamination of water. This is a matter of grave concern to all the inhabitants of the Island, because many scientists are claiming that the threat to the aquifier in the Island will affect 80% of the local population.
Our first strategy of the Holistic Activism protest was to use mantras for the healing of waters. With these Mantras, we had the power to manifest protection and healing over the water and lands. Our Mantras covered all the issues starting with the protection and healing of the water. Therefore, we led a Mantra in Chamorro language along with the other women/activists to affirm the healing and protection of our water which faces serious contamination.The basic idea was to bring together the community in a peaceful manner, and strengthen our connections with nature.
Most of our participants were present via a Zoom meeting, chating with us in a beautiful manifestation of healing and love.
This idea became a month work in order to connect the whole community.
We believe in working on many other projects using the holistic activism platform, besides all the activism work we want to accomplish.